Changes at Ocean County Library

From: "Hayes, Givane ghayes@PROTECTED [NJLibsGrowBiz]" <NJLibsGrowBiz@PROTECTED>
Subject: Changes at Ocean County Library
Date: August 6th 2020
Hi Andrea,

We've had some position changes at OCL during the first half of the year.  My dual role has changed and I will now focus solely on the day to day operations of the Toms River branch.  OCL would still like to be involved in NJ Libs Grow Biz and one of our branch librarians that has been doing a good deal of work for our local business community is ready and able to serve on the committee, with support of our new system Adult Services Coordinator.

I was never really able to provide NJ Libs Grow Biz the time and attention needed due to the nature of my position within OCL.  Please let me know if you and the State Library are agreeable to the change in representation; and I will provide you with the librarian's name and contact information.

Stay well,


Givane "Gigi" Hayes

Assistant Branch Manager, Toms River

Ocean County Library



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