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Subject: Autographics Usage
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Date: January 13th 2021
Good morning Everyone and Happy New Year!

I have been trying to go through the Auto-graphics manual to figure out how to populate the Patron Lookup portion of the ILL request form.

If anyone has mastered this, or even if you have a clue, please share.  Thanks1

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Subject: [jerseycat] Holiday Settings

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JerseyCat is up and running. The delivery service is back. However some libraries aren't borrowing/lending yet. If your library is one of those, please put your account on holiday so loan requests don't get held up unnecessarily.


To do so: From Staff Dashboard look for Participant Record under the ILL Administration tab. Scroll down to the Holiday Settings grid. Enter a start date (today) and an end date (when you anticipate resuming JerseyCat). You can always change the end date (forward or back) if circumstances dictate.



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