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FW: JerseyCat lender lists - Update 2/21

February 1st 2021

*Since the introduction of the new lender lists in September of last year there have been some additions, deletions, and corrections. So, even if you moved to the new lists in September, please follow the instructions below and enter the relevant updated list to your library’s preferred lender list.   *   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JerseyCat  has new Preferred ...Continue Reading

JerseyCat issues/problems

January 22nd 2021

Many times, libraries whose holdings are listed in the union catalog are not being added to lender lists. Auto-Graphics has been working on this. They have a fix scheduled to be implemented next week. We hope for the best.  Libraries whose holdings are in the MAIN catalog are also not being added to lender lists. The systems librarian at MAIN and relevant personnel at Auto-Graphics are aware of this and are working on it. Additional notes.   You are receiving this email because you are subscribed to the Je ...Continue Reading

typo correction

January 14th 2021

That’s for delivery issues. Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 609-278-2640  x114 ...Continue Reading

JerseyCat Overdues

January 14th 2021

I have been getting a steady stream of overdue notices from OCLC libraries. If your library has overdue items from out of state libraries please make every effort to track them down and return them.   This is especially important because OCLC libraries lend to JerseyCat libraries through the symbol NJQ. Many of these libraries block or put a hold on loans to NJQ when there are outstanding overdue items. This means that all JerseyCat libraries (not just the one who borrowed the specific item) can be blocked by an o ...Continue Reading

Autographics Usage

January 13th 2021

Good morning Everyone and Happy New Year! I have been trying to go through the Auto-graphics manual to figure out how to populate the Patron Lookup portion of the ILL request form. If anyone has mastered this, or even if you have a clue, please share.  Thanks1 Vera   Vera Borum  |  Reference Librarian Parsippany-Troy Hills Public Library System 449 Halsey Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054 P: 973.887.5150 x212 | Currently Reading: "The Pillars of the Earth&q ...Continue Reading

e-books etc.

December 4th 2020

Reminder, e-books or any items in electronic format are not loanable through JerseyCat. JerseyCat calls all of these “online resources” If you see that tag in the bib record, please do not request that item. Do another search and see if there is a bib record for a hard copy.   Thanks.   Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 609-278-2640  x114   *Second reminder: Please do not reply to this list. If you have any questions, direct them to my email, (as above).* * * Thanks again. *  ...Continue Reading

Holiday Settings

November 12th 2020

JerseyCat is up and running. The delivery service is back. However some libraries aren’t borrowing/lending yet. If your library is one of those, please put your account on holiday so loan requests don’t get held up unnecessarily.   To do so: From Staff Dashboard look for Participant Record under the ILL Administration tab. Scroll down to the Holiday Settings grid. Enter a start date (today) and an end date (when you anticipate resuming JerseyCat). You can always change the end date (forward or back) if circumstanc ...Continue Reading

ILL Procedures

October 22nd 2020

With the resumption of delivery service, there is no need to use the ILL workaround of creating blank requests. Just search and place requests as you did before the pandemic forced closures.   If you have any questions about delivery, please contact librarylinknj.   Please direct any other JerseyCat/ILL questions to me at the email address below.   Please do not reply to this list.   Thanks.   Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 609-278-2640  x114 ...Continue Reading

Resumption of full ILL service

October 14th 2020

With delivery restarting next Monday, October 19, libraries can go back to using JerseyCat the usual way and request from New Jersey libraries. There will no longer be a need to use the out of state workaround.   I am including the text of LibraryLink’s announcement below. Please pay special attention to the second paragraph. If anything needs clarification please contact LibraryLink directly.   Please do not reply to this list.   Thanks. Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 609-278-2640  ...Continue Reading


October 8th 2020

Forwarding this good news from LibraryLink.   Please contact them if you have any questions. Please do not reply to the list.   Thanks. Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 609-278-2640  x114 *From:* LibraryLinkNJ <info@PROTECTED> *Sent:* Thursday, October 8, 2020 9:31 AM***Subject:* ANNOUNCING THE RESTART OF DELIVERY SERVICES   ANNOUNCING THE RESTART OF DELIVERY SERVICES*October 19, 2020 * LibraryLinkNJ is thrilled to announce that Delivery Services will resume on Monday, October 1 ...Continue Reading
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