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National Emergency Library - update

March 31st 2020

Based upon information from Auto-Graphics, I requested that Casey Confoy notify JerseyCat libraries that they could have access to the internet archives’ materials. I have since learned from further reading that this open access is opposed by a number of groups, primarily the Authors Guild, as materials still under copyright are being made freely available. Please read the link below from NPR before deciding to post the internet archives’ link to your website. ...Continue Reading

National Emergency Library

March 30th 2020

Auto-Graphics has sent us information on the National Emergency Library. If you think this will be helpful to your patrons you may want to link to it.   If you want the link to appear on your JerseyCat site, you can contact Auto-Graphics (as below).   My own feeling is that creating your own link on your library’s home page may be a better choice. Most users won’t be looking at JerseyCat as they are aware that Ill’s are not available. Linking to your library’s main page will ensure maximum visibility.   ...Continue Reading

JerseyCat update 3.19

March 19th 2020

Most libraries have sources for journal and magazine articles. But if these sources are affected by shutdowns, be aware that JerseyCat can be used for requesting copies.   There are still a fair number of out of state OCLC libraries who are functioning and can supply electronic / downloadable copies.   Use the blank request form if you want to do this.   Be aware that many libraries charge $10 for out of state copies and $12 for copies from medical libraries. Entering the applicable amount in the maxcos ...Continue Reading

FW: JerseyCat update 3.18

March 18th 2020

*From:* Casey Confoy <cconfoy@PROTECTED> *Sent:* Wednesday, March 18, 2020 10:02 AM*To:* Casey Confoy <cconfoy@PROTECTED>*Subject:* JerseyCat update 3.18 If your library has closed or is planning to close please put your JerseyCat site on vacation. Follow these steps:   /To prevent your library from receiving ILL requests during the time your library will be closed, enter the dates your library will be closed in ILL Admin>Participant Record>Holiday List. Enter the first date your library will ...Continue Reading

latest updates

March 16th 2020

LibraryLinkNJ has suspended all deliveries effective tomorrow, March 17. Please see for further information.   Libraries that are closing should use their vacation settings to reflect that. Libraries that remain open can still receive ILLs from out of state libraries (those that remain open) by mail.   I have contacted, or will soon contact libraries who had scheduled trainings to notify them that all have been postponed. ...Continue Reading

latest updates

March 14th 2020

If your library is going to close for an extended length of time you can put your ILL account on hold by using vacation settings in JerseyCat..   From the ILL Admin bar on Staff Dashboard scroll down and select Participant Record. When that is opened select Holiday List from the options at the top of the page.   Enter Start and End dates in the boxes. The End date is when the library expects to reopen. This can always be changed as circumstances change.   LibraryLinkNJ handles all delivery issues. You ca ...Continue Reading

JerseyCat Spring Training Sessions

February 27th 2020

I will be starting JerseyCat trainings soon. The trainings will be open-ended (anything from a comprehensive overview of the system for those new to JerseyCat to simply observing and discussing best practices for ILL), depending on your library’s needs. If you would like me to come to your library please let me know by emailing cconfoy@PROTECTED.  I will be available most Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays starting March 10.   AS ALWAYS, PLEASE RESPOND TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS, NOT TO THIS LIST.   Casey Confoy ...Continue Reading

Admin accounts

February 24th 2020

I have had many questions about Admin accounts (following the bookstrap imbroglio).  All JerseyCat libraries have Admin accounts which allow them more options than the regular Staff account.   To access your Admin account from the login screen:  Under the slot for your library name are two more slots. One is not identified, the other says Password. The default Admin login is to enter your JerseyCat three or four letter code (not your numerical delivery code), followed by admin in both slots.   So, f ...Continue Reading

Bookstraps, the continuing saga

February 20th 2020

The fix that Auto-Graphics supplied last Friday was “deactivated”  (didn’t work).   Things should be OK now. Here is what I got from them last night:   /The library-level bookstrap issue is now fixed.  Sincere apologies for the disruption this caused, as a change made by one library to their bookstraps was getting carried over to all other libraries (hearkening back to the original issue).  I've verified that bookstraps are indeed activated the library level.  Changes made by library st ...Continue Reading

bookstraps clarification

February 19th 2020

The message I forwarded from Auto-Graphics did not make it clear that the Configure Bookstraps option is only available from your library’s Admin acct., not the regular Staff acct. Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 609-278-2640  x114 ...Continue Reading
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