Feedback for NJ Division of Taxation on new training

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Subject: Feedback for NJ Division of Taxation on new training
Date: November 8th 2019

Hello all,


The instructors from the NJ Division of Taxation are asking for feedback on which new programs to offer in libraries.  These would be sessions for individual taxpayers to expand the existing Small Business Workshops they are currently offering.


Could you please rank the following workshops from most likely to request to least likely to request?  If you have any feedback about the proposed workshops, I would appreciate that as well.


  1. Starting a Non-Profit Organization in New Jersey
    1. An overview of Federal requirements
    2. Advantages/Disadvantages of forming a corporation vs. registering as a sole-proprietor
    3. Steps to properly register:

                                                               i.      When & How to complete the REG-1E (Registration Application for 501(c)3 Organizations)

                                                             ii.      Determining if/and when Nonprofits are required to collect/remit taxes in New Jersey (sales tax, employer withholdings, etc)

                                                           iii.      Complying with Charities Registration requirements

    1. Sales Tax

                                                               i.      Requirements for making exempt purchases

                                                             ii.      Collecting/Remitting Sales Tax on taxable sales


  1. NJ Tax Responsibility for Young Adults (New Jersey Income Tax for Young Adults)
    1. Determining New Jersey Residency Status
    2. Reporting Taxable Income and the New Jersey Filing Threshold
    3. A simple step by step NJ-1040 completion example


  1. Reporting NJ Pension and Retirement Income for Retirees
    1. An in-depth look at how to calculate and report taxable Pension, Annuity and IRA income
    2. Information about the New Jersey Pension Exclusion and Other Retirement Income Exclusion


  1. NJ Income Tax Credits, Deductions and Exemptions
    1. A discussion on how to  ower Taxable Income by claiming the following credits/deductions

                                                               i.      Earned Income Tax Credit including how to reply if you receive a request for documentation

                                                             ii.      New Jersey Child Tax  Credit

                                                           iii.      Medical Expense Deduction

                                                           iv.      Property Tax Deduction


Thank you so much for your help.  Please let me know if you have any questions.





Andrea Simzak Levandowski (she/her/hers)

Library Consultant for Small Business Development & Technology

New Jersey State Library

P.O. Box 520

Trenton, NJ 08625

(609) 278-2640 x190



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