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NJSL JerseyCat Discussion List

Library visits

March 22nd 2017

The JerseyCat staff at the State Library is committed to ensuring that our member libraries are getting most out of the JerseyCat interlibrary loan system. To that end, I will be visiting NJ libraries this spring to observe how they are using the system, seeing what works (or what doesn't work) on a day-to-day basis. I will also be soliciting comments about any improvements or changes that users think should be made to the system. I can also do training sessions for any libraries who request.    If you w ...Continue Reading

NJSL Direct

NJSL Direct Mailing List

NJSL Rulemaking

NSJL Rulemaking

NJSL Rulemaking New Jersey Professional Librarian Certification Readoption

May 27th 2015

Dear Colleagues, N.J.A.C. 15:23, New Jersey Professional Librarian Certification, has been readopted. The current text of the regulation may be found at The notice of re-adoption and the notice of proposal may be found at Please let me know if you have any other questions. Best regards, Bob Keith Data Coord ...Continue Reading

NJWorks Job Seeker Libraries

contacts of NJ Works Job Seeker Destination Libraries

NJWorks Job Seeker Libraries Message

September 2nd 2011

NJ Works Job Seeker Library Contact: A few weeks ago you should have a received a message about NJWORKS@yourlibrary pull-up banners with an order RSVP of September 1. Due to the hurricane, we are extending that date to September 12. If you would like an NJWorks@yourlibrary pull-up banner for your library, please go to this link to see the designs: The design will have your library name and website address at the top (we used Cherry Hill as an example). Plea ...Continue Reading


NJSL Youth Services Discussion List

Please help ALSC Emerging Leaders Team by taking a short survey on library leadership

March 24th 2017

Hi, Everyone, I’m forwarding a request from one of the ALA/ALSC Emerging Leaders team who are doing a research report on current trends and needs of youth services librarians as it pertains to leadership training. She asked if I would ask you if you would be willing to complete a brief *2-3 minute survey* to assist them in their research. Thanks! ~Sharon ** *Take the "Path to Youth Library Leadership" Survey* ALSC's Emerging Leaders Team invites you to take a short survey to help them in studying ...Continue Reading

TBBC Newsletter

TBBC Newsletter

Talking Book and Braille Center

March 22nd 2017

March 2017 Dear TBBC Members in Ocean County:   We have great news!  We are pleased to announce that the New Jersey Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CBVI) is continuing the Library Equal Access Program (LEAP) for 2017 for New Jersey residents 55 and older who have a change in vision. FREE training classes will be provided by Advancing Opportunities May through July at the Toms River branch of the Ocean County Library System, 101 Washington Street. You must register for a class. To register ...Continue Reading