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NJSL JerseyCat Discussion List

JerseyCat reminders

April 4th 2017

Here are a few reminders on how to make the most efficient use of the JerseyCat ILL system. Libraries who have their holdings in the NJ Union catalog are asked to update their holdings with Auto-Graphics at least once a year. The A-G cloud URL: The password is: njsl4ag All libraries who have their serials holdings in the NJULS are reminded to update their holdings or changes as needed. We need current email contacts for member libraries. Please c ...Continue Reading

NJSL Direct

NJSL Direct Mailing List

NJSL Rulemaking

NSJL Rulemaking

NJSL Rulemaking New Jersey Professional Librarian Certification Readoption

May 27th 2015

Dear Colleagues, N.J.A.C. 15:23, New Jersey Professional Librarian Certification, has been readopted. The current text of the regulation may be found at The notice of re-adoption and the notice of proposal may be found at Please let me know if you have any other questions. Best regards, Bob Keith Data Coord ...Continue Reading

NJWorks Job Seeker Libraries

contacts of NJ Works Job Seeker Destination Libraries

NJWorks Job Seeker Libraries Message

September 2nd 2011

NJ Works Job Seeker Library Contact: A few weeks ago you should have a received a message about NJWORKS@yourlibrary pull-up banners with an order RSVP of September 1. Due to the hurricane, we are extending that date to September 12. If you would like an NJWorks@yourlibrary pull-up banner for your library, please go to this link to see the designs: The design will have your library name and website address at the top (we used Cherry Hill as an example). Plea ...Continue Reading


NJSL Youth Services Discussion List

Harp artists in NJ for festival--interested in booking any of them?

April 20th 2017

Hello Everyone: I am the director of the Somerset Folk Harp Festival which takes place in Parsippany July 20-23 this year. Like last year,  I’m reaching out to many of my contacts in the NJ library world to see if they might want to take advantage of so many artists from around the country and the world who are coming to Parsippany for the Harp Festival.  A number of libraries on this list did so last year. You  get the opportunity to present some top, world-class players while they are in NJ and at the ...Continue Reading

TBBC Newsletter

TBBC Newsletter

TBBC Spring 2017 Newsletter - Insights

April 17th 2017

WELCOME TO THE SPRING 2017 NEWSLETTER OF THE NEW JERSEY STATE LIBRARY TALKING BOOK AND BRAILLE CENTER Every year I tell you how I love saying goodbye to winter and hello to spring. Although the past winter was mild, this year is no different. It’s spring and time to garden again, one thing I love to do! When I think of spring, I think of change and growth. For the New Jersey State Library Talking Book & Braille Center (TBBC), spring is a time of change and growth as you will read about in this newsletter. One cha ...Continue Reading