Sunsetting L2B

From: "NJLibsGrowBiz" <alevandowski@PROTECTED>
Subject: Sunsetting L2B
Date: June 21st 2022

Hello all,


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to and supported L2B since its creation at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. L2B has served as a common location for sharing virtual events and training of benefit to business owners, entrepreneurs and jobseekers statewide. The need for a service like this reflected the change in format of these events during the COVID-19 pandemic and the steps taken by organizations to open their doors wide and encourage community building at a time when most people were isolated.


However, as more business and workforce development organizations return to in-person events that require fees, the time has come to sunset this service, effective Friday, July 1, 2022. A future time may require this initiative to be revisited, but for now, it will be on hiatus.


For libraries that would like to contribute to a shared calendar as a means to promote their events, the My Networking Central website is an excellent alternative.


Through My Networking Central (MNC):

  • Job seekers can find networking groups that will meet their needs, groups that currently meet in-person, virtually, or both.
  • Group facilitators can promote their groups to both job seekers and speakers on their own unique pages and through listings on the MNC calendar.
  • Speakers and career coaches can also post their profiles on MNC, letting users know the topics they discuss and their availability. Speakers can also let groups know if they make presentations are pro bono or if charge a fee and they can let MNC users know when they are speaking at MNC listed groups and the topics they will be discussing.

For questions about My Networking Central and to create an account, please contact Marty Latman (MartyLatman@PROTECTED) or Kenneth Lang (kennethlang@PROTECTED).

On July 1, 2022 the L2B website will be deactivated with the following procedures put into place:


Action Steps:


  1. The “Submit an Event” contact form will be disabled, but the “Contact Us” form will remain active in case somebody wishes to send a message.


  1. “Job & Career Accelerator” will be removed from the “eResources” page.


  1. The homepage and all sub-pages of the L2B website should now include a large pop-up window that cannot be ignored by users without clicking out of the box, which explains what is happening and where they can go instead. Verbiage could read something to the effect of:

    “The L2B (Libraries to Business) website will no longer be updated and has officially been archived.

    Instead, please consider visiting the My Networking Central website. This site fills multiple needs:
    -Connects job seekers with job search groups and career development opportunities
    -Provides employers with individuals seeking work
    -Establishes a place for public libraries and business, economic, and workforce development groups to post their events and meetings

    The New Jersey State Library and Main Library Alliance thank you for using the L2B website. The needs of New Jersey’s residents have changed as together we navigate exiting the COVID-19 together and establishing a new normal. Have a wonderful day.”


Once more, thank you for all that you have done to support L2B. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Andrea Levandowski (alevandowski@PROTECTED) or Phillip Berg (phillip.berg@PROTECTED).





Andrea Simzak Levandowski (she/her/hers)

Library Consultant for Small Business Development & Technology

New Jersey State Library

P.O. Box 520

Trenton, NJ 08625

(609) 278-2640 x190



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