FY19 Statewide Services Survey Results

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Subject: FY19 Statewide Services Survey Results
Date: February 11th 2019

The New Jersey State Library recently conducted its FY19 Statewide Services Survey, a two-part library community ranking survey of current statewide services. The purpose of this survey was to inform upcoming decisions regarding network aid expenditures, should funding resources not be adequate to keep up with rising costs. While not the only consideration in assessing the value of the assorted services represented here, the following summary of results is an informative and important factor. As a reminder, in order to provide to every resident of New Jersey full and equal access to the collective library resources of the state, the network aid law calls for support in the following six areas:


  1. Information /reference services to supplement those provided by each local library, including interlibrary reference and referral services;
  2. Interlibrary loan/document delivery services;
  3. Delivery services for library materials including surface and electronic delivery;
  4. Technology initiatives designed to maximize interconnectivity of the State’s information resources and those seeking to access them;
  5. Technical support services for local library staff; and
  6. Continuing education for local library staff


We have taken this opportunity to assess the value that the library community places on statewide services, and every effort will be made to sustain the provision of support for those most highly ranked services. To reiterate, as in the past, the extent of support is dependent upon available resources.


The New Jersey State Library staff wish to thank all who participated. The summary of results from the FY19 Statewide Services Survey can be accessed here: https://www.njstatelib.org/fy19-statewide-services-survey-results/.


For future updates on statewide services, please check back on the State Library’s Statewide Services webpage: https://www.njstatelib.org/services_for_libraries/statewide_services/librarylinknj/.


Best regards,



Tiffany McClary

Director, Office of Communications,

Marketing & Outreach

New Jersey State Library

185 West State Street

Trenton, NJ 08608

609-278-2640 x122


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