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Subject: Possible library program
Date: March 10th 2019



Just sharing this information. ~Sharon



My name is Sherin Motawea and I am promoting my educational ancient Egypt exhibit and classes called: “Meet the Pharaohs”.


I have a Master of Arts in Museum and Heritage Studies from the U.K. Previously, I was the head of the Museums Department in Egypt for many years.  I have since moved to the United States and have started to use my historical expertise to offer live educational exhibits and classes in the local area.  

The educational exhibition, “Meet the Pharaohs” focuses on the Pharaohs Era in ancient Egypt. 

Throughout my years as a native in Egypt, I collected replicas of masterpieces found in the Cairo Museum in Egypt.  I have constructed an extensive display that conveys the chronological story of the Pharaohs.  In addition, I have extension materials to cover topics such as, mummification, dance, fashion, and jewelry, etc.  


The “Meet the Pharaohs” exhibition and workshop is unique as:  

1- It converts the space into a museum during the duration of the display.

2- Everyone is allowed to touch the materials in the exhibit!  This is a great accommodation for the visually impaired.


3- As an expert in Egyptian education and culture, I will be there to answer any questions!



In addition, I can provide a series of workshops, lectures, and documentaries on the following ancient Egyptian topics:

·         Kings of Egypt

·         Queens of Egypt

·         Jewelry and Fashion

·         Lifestyle

·         Architecture 

·         Communication

·         Family 

·         The magic of symbols

·         Ancient Egypt and Africa 

·         Ancient Egypt animal deity

·         Mummification and Afterlife...etc.


I provide 3 services:

1- Whole exhibition that comes to you made of over 100 artifacts on ancient Egypt  for 2-3 hours.

2- Lecture and topic specific artifacts 1.5 hours

3- Lecture + workshop + artifacts topic specific.(max. 2 hours)


I can work within your budget and tailor a whole series of lectures to fill up several hours of your camp.


It educates ages 6 and up on several aspects of ancient Egyptian life.


I can also talk to them on how become a museum curator and we can have our own exhibition at the end.


Please let me know if you have any questions!  

Debbie McClure
Aston Public Library
Aston, PA 19014

Thank you!

Sherin Motawea 



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