Question about Juv, Teen, and YA sections

From: "Jennifer Dunne [NJYAC]">
Subject: Question about Juv, Teen, and YA sections
Date: January 11th 2021
Hi Fellow Librarians,

We are reviewing the designations in our collections for young people, and I'm curious about how other libraries divide their collections, and what they call the various sections. Currently, our fiction for youth is categorized as Juvenile (about grades 2-6), Teen (about grades 7-8), or YA (about grades 9-12). I would like to know if other libraries separate their books into 2 or 3 different categories, or have middle school and high school together, and what different libraries are calling each of these sections.

Many thanks, 

Jen Dunne
Principal Librarian for Children's Services
Moorestown Library
111 West Second St.
Moorestown, NJ 08057
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