Page Turner Adventures Summer Program

From: "Sharon Rawlins [NJYAC]">
Subject: Page Turner Adventures Summer Program
Date: March 31st 2021



I’ve been sharing announcements for informational purposes only about Page Turner Adventures summer program.


I’m sorry if I misled anyone about the cost of their summer program. The original cost they sent to me was based on a statewide contract with them. The State Library will not be getting a contract with them for the summer. If your library wants to purchase their program as an individual library, it will cost $695 for 8 weeks, $525 for 6 weeks and $345 for four weeks (they are giving everyone $50 off the list price).

Here's a link to a video with some of their guests that they’ve lined up for their summer program: VSLP 2021 Promo with Guests.mp4


If you have questions about their program, please contact:

Jill Ross Nadler (aka Riley Roam)  

Page Turner Adventures

518-732-5386 office

561-352-0418 cell





All the best,


Sharon Rawlins, MLS, she/her/hers

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609-278-2640 ext. 116

609-278-2650 – fax



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