CSLP Incentives to Public Libraries Shipped

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Subject: CSLP Incentives to Public Libraries Shipped
Date: April 1st 2024

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Hello, Public Library Staff,


I just wanted to let you know that your CSLP customized incentives (banner, children’s, teen and adult posters and children’s, teen and adult bookmarks) have either arrived at your libraries or are on their way.


The items your library will receive will depend on how you answered the CSLP incentives survey I sent out in the fall. Some libraries indicated they weren’t going to use certain items so I didn’t order those for your library for the summer.

If you didn’t complete the survey, your library will get the usual incentives I’ve included above. I was able to purchase a banner for every public library, including all branches, by not paying to have the banners customized.


Your incentives box is being shipped by the CSLP vendor directly to your library via USPS and addressed to “Summer Library Coordinators” so please be on the lookout for it.





  All the best,


Sharon Rawlins, MLS (she/her/hers)
Youth Services Specialist

Library Development Bureau
New Jersey State Library

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