share of free tool for coding and creating stories

From: "Doug Baldwin [NJYAC]">
Subject: share of free tool for coding and creating stories
Date: May 13th 2019
Hi all,

As always - please excuse cross-posting

I just briefly wanted to share a new resources I became aware of for children and tweens for online storytelling with coding elements called They are a small ed-tech startup and I had a very nice chat with one of the two co-founders regarding the tool and applicability. They are in the process of seeking feedback as well regarding use of the tool in workshops, etc and very approachable if you ever decided to use as a workshop resources and were interested in providing feedback

The forever free option includes ability to create 1 active digital classroom with up to 30 students accounts (you can archive a classroom upon completion, and create a new active classroom with the free account). The free account is limited in the number of illustrations available for use. Paid versions exist to be able to have additional classrooms, students per classroom, and additional images.

Here is the writeup I was sent, which provides an overview of the tool. 

About Elementari
Elementari is an online platform that allows anyone, especially kids, to be able to write beautiful interactive stories using illustrations and sounds from our library of over 8,000 illustrations and sounds. Published stories automatically credit and promote the artists whose art and music you have used. Stories on Elementari can be 'coded' by connecting blocks to have characters animate, play sounds or voiceovers, or even create a choose your own adventure.   

Our mission is to promote arts and literacy in an engaging and collaborative way and have students learn computation thinking as a consequence of creating a beautiful story that they can be proud to share. 

How it works video:

Educators can get started using Elementari in multidisciplinary ways (early childhood development, language learning, creative writing, and coding) with our Curriculum Guide that includes more information and 10 lesson plans. 
Curriculum Guide (lessons on coding)

It's free to get started and we also have classroom features available for educators. This includes a classroom library to showcase all the students published stories as well as management and moderation features.

Ambassador Program
We are looking for educators to partner with to develop and implement curriculum in their programs. Educators who participate in our Ambassador Program will have a free upgrade during the curriculum (so all their students can create stories using all of the illustrations). 

You can learn more about the program and fill out the form to apply.

We support events (on click, on page start, on drag over), logic gates, variables, and functions (play recording, move to, fade, animate, etc). Elementari's visual coding environment allows you to create simple picture books with audio to complex stories that play like games.

You can find some basic tutorials at our YouTube channel:  

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