Follow up from virtual discussion on 7/7

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Subject: Follow up from virtual discussion on 7/7
Date: July 8th 2020

Hello all,


Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for yesterday’s discussion.  I will send a Doodle poll next week to put our next meeting time on the calendar, but if anyone has any suggestions for discussion topics, please let me know.


Here are a few notes, including information from Luis regarding Skills to Succeed:


·       Diane (Rider) suggested adding faculty members to the business speakers spreadsheet.  As a reminder, if anyone wants to share recommendations for speakers, you can do so here:


·       Phillip (MAIN) updated us that L2B ( is growing every day.  If any libraries would like to become advocates, please let him know: phillip.berg@PROTECTED


·       We discussed struggles getting business owners to sign up for webinars and events.  This seems to be an issue among business organizations as well.  We stressed partnerships and ways to allow business owners to network, since that aspect of finding customers/clients is lacking right now.  Mariela (Ocean County) shared that the library’s Zoom Business Roundtable which will be starting in August as a way to connect business owners with each other and experts.  She is also running a Career Workshop with guest speakers to discuss topics related to jobseekers, unemployment, recruitment, and other topics. 


·       During the Grow with Google discussion, Mariela shared how she prerecords sessions to share them on social media.  Chelsea discussed how she adapts in-person GWG jobseeker sessions to virtual events, making them approximately 30-35 minutes, based on the topic.  She requested “filler” content from Google to allow attendees to practice on their own or otherwise make up for the rest of the time since there is not as much opportunity for individual exploring or one-on-one assistance.  A couple individuals mentioned how GWG is great for canned content and makes it easy to offer sessions.


·       Nancy (Ocean County) has scheduled time to speak with business librarians from Seattle Public Library about the services they provide as well as their intake form, which may assist in learning more about businesses using the library.


·       I mentioned “Big Blue Button” for free webinar/video conferencing:


·       Luis (Butler) brought up Skills to Succeed:


o   The Skills to Succeed Academy (s2s) is a corporate philanthropy program from Accenture.  Accenture is a Fortune Global 500 company.  Becoming an s2s partner does not cost anything.  Butler has reached out to s2s and we are looking to become a partner, but I think this is something that could and should go beyond the Butler Library.
This is the URL for s2s.


o   To get into the courses, a registered partner has to provide you a code. I found a code while googling for information on s2s. I found the code from more than one registered partner so I don't think s2s to insistent on keeping the code hidden. I have the partner contract (which I can share with you) and I don't remember any clauses insisting on keeping the code top secret.


o   These two links give you a good sense of s2s modules


o   Goodwill links to it (and gives you a code!)


o   CUNY's career development center also is a partner - and they provide the code on the webpage


o   The American Association of Community Colleges did a study of s2s. Results are not yet released. 


·       Lastly, we closed the discussion with an interest in finding speakers around the topic of business agility: what allows some business owners to pivot and find new opportunities?  We discussed inquiring about business professors, psychology or sociology professors, business owners, business coaches or others to delve into this topic at a to-be-scheduled event.  Judi (Brookdale) shared a Forbes article on this topic: I will take a look at my contacts and will pursue this.  If anyone has suggestions, please share!


If I missed anything or got anything wrong, please feel free to let me know. 





Andrea Simzak Levandowski (she/her/hers)

Library Consultant for Small Business Development & Technology

New Jersey State Library

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