November School Board Races

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Subject: November School Board Races
Date: July 27th 2022

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I’m sharing this information that Mary Moyer, the NJ Association of School Librarians (NJASL) Legislative Consultant, shared on the NJASL member discussion list because I think you should be aware of this as well. The issues that some schools are dealing with may impact your community and your library too, particularly book challenges.


Mary posted that:


November seems far away but many, many school districts will be holding school board elections in November.  Normally, those races don't get much attention.  However, times are a-changin.  This year, it may be important to review who is running for school board in your community.

For those that may be interested NJ Spotlight News is featuring a news clip on school board races this evening.  

Tonight on 'NJ Spotlight News with Briana Vannozzi' - 

·  Where to watch.

·  During the pandemic, school board meetings became contentious over issues like mask mandates, as well as social issues like critical race theory and sex education. Now, political groups are popping up in NJ that are working to get conservative candidates elected to their local school boards. 

Article on School Board Candidates in Teaneck:


To find list of School Board Candidates:  

NJ Department of Elections lists Election Information for each county (  Select your county and then click on the link for the County Clerk.  

Each county is required to list the candidates for the November elections on their County Clerk's webpage.  Since the filing deadline for candidates was Monday, July 25, not all counties may have this information on their webpage.  This is an example of a candidate list with email addresses from Cumberland County.  NOTE:  All candidates have to include their email address on their petition.  Additionally, a number of county clerk's offices will also include a campaign slogan for the candidates.  I found that eye-opening last year when I did research for the NJASL School Board Candidate survey.

Cumberland County


NJEA and School Board Elections - NJEA has some resources if you know someone who is running for school board.  Additionally, I'm sure that they will be sharing information related to school board elections in their fall meetings.



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