Meetings rooms needed for JerseyCat trainings

From: "Casey Confoy p.p. JerseyCat" <jerseycat@PROTECTED>
Subject: Meetings rooms needed for JerseyCat trainings
Date: March 21st 2019



Auto-Graphics will be conducting JerseyCat trainings on two of the following three dates: May 6, May 7, and May 8. One of these trainings will be held in the northern part of the state (Bergen, Essex, Passaic, Hudson, or Morris counties)  and one in the central (Mercer, Monmouth or Ocean counties).


We need one venue for each. Requirements are simple – space for 20-30 attendees, lapto and projector. There is no need for a computer lab.


If you have a meeting room available for any of those dates, can you please let me know by replying to this list.


Once we have the two venues, I’ll confirm the dates with Auto-Graphics and notify everyone through this list.








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