Bookstraps, the continuing saga

From: "Casey Confoy p.p. JerseyCat" <jerseycat@PROTECTED>
Subject: Bookstraps, the continuing saga
Date: February 20th 2020

The fix that Auto-Graphics supplied last Friday was “deactivated”  (didn’t work).


Things should be OK now. Here is what I got from them last night:


The library-level bookstrap issue is now fixed.  Sincere apologies for the disruption this caused, as a change made by one library to their bookstraps was getting carried over to all other libraries (hearkening back to the original issue). 

I've verified that bookstraps are indeed activated the library level.  Changes made by library staff now affect their library only.

Some of the JerseyCat libraries wrote into us directly about the same issue.  I'll respond back to those that did, but please advise the group-at-large.

One item that was mentioned today is that many were trying to modify the graphic field at the top of the Configure Bookstraps form.  This is not currently possible.  The field is calling an image, and some libraries are attempting to simply enter their desired text.  Right now, all libraries have been restored to the "DefaultILL.gif" photo, a generic Auto-Graphics label.   There are two choices:  that image, or nothing.  So they may remove the graphic call, but that will just yield a blank label box on the actual bookstrap. 

If a library inadvertently deletes the graphic call now, at least it will only affect them.  And should they wish to restore the A-G label, they can just input "DefaultILL.gif" (no quotes) into the configuration box.

Note: remember that you must be logged into your Admin account to make changes.


If problems continue, feel free to contact Auto-Graphics directly – helpdesk@PROTECTED  or contact me at – cconfoy@PROTECTED





Casey Confoy

JerseyCat – NJSL


609-278-2640  x114





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