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Subject: RE: problems with requesting
Date: November 3rd 2021
RE: Clive Cussler books: That does seem to work!  you have to check each result. On the first result, if you look at the left side in the shows availability (0) of 1. I did see it available on the second result when I clicked on that Book (0). So I was able to request the Clive Cussler book!  Thank you for that tip!  

Has anyone else noticed you cannot print the page when you click on the print icon after making the request?  It just "poof" disappears and then I have to go into Borrower Title Browse and print the request from there.

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To those who are having problems requesting items, New Brunswick Library has a suggestion:


I think I know what their issue is - 


    When I searched for the Clive Cussler book, I see many results on the main page showing availability (such as audiobook (1)  or Book (1)) but then when you click on those links, the next page shows (0) after all the results. HOWEVER, if you still click on the Book (0), the final page shows where the books are located and if they are available or not. Libraries might be seeing the Book (0) and thinking they can't place the order. 


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