JerseyCat updates - Summer 2023

From: "JerseyCat" <cconfoy@PROTECTED>
Subject: JerseyCat updates - Summer 2023
Date: July 11th 2023
  1. JerseyCat’s new email is jerseycat-help@PROTECTED. Please send all JerseyCat related emails to that address. 


  1. Rider University’s code RIDR has been left off some lender lists. RIDR should follow QDN in your preferred lender list. If it isn’t there please enter it and submit your change.



Other reminders:


Blank requests are only to be used when JerseyCat has been searched and no NJ holders have been found.


We can not request ebooks. If the bib record says ebook, electronic, etc. it can not be requested. Please make sure your book requests are only for hard copies.





Casey Confoy

JerseyCat – NJSL



609-278-2640  x114




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