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Subject: FW: JerseyCat update 3.18
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Date: March 18th 2020



From: Casey Confoy <cconfoy@PROTECTED>
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Subject: JerseyCat update 3.18



If your library has closed or is planning to close please put your JerseyCat site on vacation. Follow these steps:


To prevent your library from receiving ILL requests during the time your library will be closed, enter the dates your library will be closed in ILL Admin>Participant Record>Holiday List. Enter the first date your library will be closed in the Start Date column and enter the last date your library will be closed in the End Date column. Click submit to save your changes.


Although LibraryLink has suspended delivery, ILL can still operate (at least for now) in a limited capacity.


We have hundreds of requests in the pipeline. Many out of state libraries are still open and can supply loans by mail.


If you are taking mail delivery and can pay return postage, you can leave your outstanding requests in the Pending file. I will try and find OCLC lenders for them.


If you are suspending operations entirely, the best practice would be to move requests in your Pending file to the Request Cancel file and I will delete them.


If you are still taking ILL requests, submit them on the Blank Request form (no need to search JerseyCat – just enter relevant info. on the Blank Request form) These will go directly to me and I will try to find suppliers for them. If you do this and see that your lender list is empty, enter njac,30 in the lender list box before submitting.


If you have any questions, please email directly at cconfoy@PROTECTED. Please do not reply to this list.


Thanks and stay well.



Casey Confoy

JerseyCat – NJSL


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