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Reminder - Holiday List

September 22nd 2021

If your library has been affected by Ida flooding or anything else that has resulted in a temporary closure or a pause in ILL services, you can indicate that by going to Holiday List in your Participant Record and entering a start date and the date when you expect to resume service.    Ongoing  Reminder – ILL requests for books can be made for hard copies only. Please do not request items tagged as electronic resources, ebooks, etc. They are not available for ILL.   Ongoing Reminder 2 – Please do n ...Continue Reading

FW: AG-UG: Release to address Chrome pop-up problem and reset Workstation Printers

August 3rd 2021

Last week Auto-Graphics reported a problem with the latest Chrome release. What follows is their fix.    If you are having problems with printing, you can follow the instructions below.   If you are not having problems, I suggest leaving well enough alone.   If problems persist you can contact Auto-Graphics directly. (helpdesk@PROTECTED)   If you have questions for me, please send them to my email (as below). Please do not sent questions to the listserv.   Thanks.   Casey Confoy Je ...Continue Reading

JerseyCat problems

July 20th 2021

I have opened a help desk ticket with Auto-Graphics regarding the drop off or disappearance of requests over the last two weeks.  While most of thee problems appear to be affecting libraries whose holdings are in the MAIN consortium, I’ve also heard from a few outside of MAIN who are also affected. I have collected and forwarded all of the responses I received to AG, so that they are aware of the depth and breadth of this problem. I will inform you (through this list) of AG’s response(s). Casey Confoy JerseyCat – ...Continue Reading

Attn: MAIN libraries

July 14th 2021

Once again I have gotten a report that requests to libraries in the MAIN consortium have stopped. If your holdings are in MAIN can you please let me know if that has happened to your library.   Thanks. Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 609-278-2640  x114 ...Continue Reading

ILL Reminder

July 8th 2021

I have been seeing an increasing number of requests for books that are tagged *electronic resource*. Books are available for interlibrary loan in hard copy only. Please don’t request items listed as ebooks, electronic resources, etc. Make sure the bib record you are using is for the physical copy of the book.   Thanks. Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 609-278-2640  x114 ...Continue Reading

Attn: MAIN libraries

June 21st 2021

Over the past few weeks I have been working with Paul Morrell of Auto-Graphics about problems with MAIN libraries not receiving requests. On Friday he reported:   /I have reviewed the ztargets for MAIN and Bergen County as well and we did see some issues with the attributes used in those ztargets.  It looks like the searches were not going through but we were able to adjust the search attributes in the ztargets to make the searches set through to them.  This should allow the libraries in these 2 systems ...Continue Reading

FW: Reminder: Staff Training Webinars

May 17th 2021

Auto-Graphics is offering ShareIt training webinars. (See their message forwarded below.) Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 609-278-2640  x114 ** We have training webinars schedule for May and June, and the next one is this Wednesday. These webinars are open to staff at any library using SHAREit.   Please share the attached schedule with your libraries. It lists the topics, descriptions, and registration links. When registering, there is space to ask a question in advance so we can make sure ...Continue Reading

test message

May 13th 2021

Please ignore previous (and any subsequent) test message(s). Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 609-278-2640  x114 ...Continue Reading


May 13th 2021

Clarification - Yesterday's Update

April 22nd 2021

In case there is any confusion – the information about uploading MARC records applies only to libraries whose holdings are in the Union Catalog. Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 609-278-2640  x114 ...Continue Reading
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