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JerseyCat requests

November 8th 2019

Good morning, This is an appeal to all JerseyCat borrowers. Please do not send requests for books that are not yet published. I get a number of these requests every week, and I know a lot of other libraries do too. There is no way I can grant a request for a book that I do not even own. If you are unsure if a book is out yet, you can check the Baker & Taylor website or Google. Thank you! Adriana Adriana Bernstein Librarian North Brunswick Public Library 880 Hermann Rd. North Brunswick, NJ 08902 732-246-3545 ...Continue Reading

JerseyCat / ShareIt - important (and encouraging) developments

September 19th 2019

1.       Many libraries who allow their patrons to make off-site requests report that there is a login bar which prompts patrons to enter a username and password. This bar can be ignored. Patrons may search and request without logging in. And, more to the point, Auto-Graphics will be suppressing that bar (I hope as early as this afternoon) so it will no longer be an issue. Please note: The new URL for patron requests is The last letters o ...Continue Reading

JerseyCat trainings/visits

September 12th 2019

Now that most of the major glitches in the JerseyCat upgrade have been addressed, I will be starting fall JerseyCat trainings and visits as soon as possible. The trainings will be open-ended (anything from a comprehensive overview of the system for those new to JerseyCat to simply observing and discussing best practices for ILL), depending on your library’s needs.   If you would like me to come to your library please let me know (emailing cconfoy@PROTECTED), and if possible, include some preferred dates and t ...Continue Reading

JerseyCat v5 problems

September 11th 2019

Auto-Graphics reports that server problems have been fixed.   Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 609-278-2640  x114 ...Continue Reading

JerseyCat problems

September 11th 2019

From Auto-Graphics:   Our server hosts supporting the V5 version of our software, including redirecting V5 URLs to V6 sites, is down.  This means that customers on V5 are not able to access SHAREit.  Customers on V6 using URL redirects, will not see their URLs redirecting.  Our IT department has been in touch with with our server hosts and they are actively working on the issue.     Customers on V6 should still be able to access their sites.  If you are unable to access your V6 s ...Continue Reading

JerseyCat browser information

September 5th 2019

Auto-Graphics has the following on browsers:   SHAREit Version 6 Browser Compatibility Chrome - supported (current version) Firefox - supported (current version) Edge - supported (current version) OPERA - supported (current version) Safari - supported with Mac OS Mohave 10.1.2 or newer Safari - not supported with Mac OS Yosemite Internet Explorer (IE) - not supported (all versions) Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 609-278-2640  x114 ...Continue Reading

overnight processing

September 4th 2019

For those who have had problems with overnight processing, Auto-Graphics has reported a fix:   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BACKGROUND Developers at Auto-Graphics made a fix and then IT of A-G quickly applied to production Thus, Midnight Service Processing should work and thus your trash can items should be gone.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 60 ...Continue Reading

JerseyCat - browser issues

September 4th 2019

From Auto-Graphics:   Windows 7 will be “end of life” after December 31st of this year. What this means is that Microsoft will no longer support or update the Windows 7 operating system. It is very important that you upgrade to Windows 10 before this December, in order to ensure you are receiving the latest security updates from Microsoft.   SHAREit will continue to work on Windows 7 -- about 33% of SHAREit users are still using Windows 7. Even today, about 7.5% of SHAREit users are continuing to use Internet ...Continue Reading

electronic reaources

August 19th 2019

There is no facility in JerseyCat for interlibrary loans of electronic resources, ebooks, etc. Please check the bib records of items to be requested and make sure you are requesting hard copies.   Thanks.       Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 609-278-2640  x114 ...Continue Reading

JerseyCat upgrade

August 13th 2019

The latest info. we have from Auto-Graphics on the JerseyCat upgrade:   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   As we continue migrating all users to Version 6, we may need to adjust the system or install fixes. Tonight, 8/13, we will need to bring the system down for 10-15 minutes while we make adjustments. The downtime is scheduled between 7:00pm and 7:30pm Pacific Time (10:00pm ...Continue Reading
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