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Lender list

April 21st 2021

When updating your lender list you may get a message about code HTLS. You can safely ignore that. Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 609-278-2640  x114 ...Continue Reading

Two JerseyCat Updates

April 21st 2021

This is the correct information for sending/updating your MARC records in JerseyCat:            To send your whole library collection (in MARC format) to be included in JerseyCat: Copy and paste the URL below onto a browser, hit enter then type the supplied password. Drag and drop your file on the resulting window.  The A-G cloud URL is:  The password is: njsl4ag  If you have questions the ...Continue Reading

FW: JerseyCat default settings

March 25th 2021

In your library’s Participant Record the first section is called Lender Information. Under that are Days to Respond, Days to Supply and Days to Return. The settings for these should be:   Days to Respond – 4 Days to Supply – 10 Days to Return – 30   I have seen a fair number of libraries who have different values in these slots. Please check your Participant Record  - if you do not have  4, 10, 30 entered as the defaults, please change what you have back to the default settings.   Thanks. Casey ...Continue Reading

A Correction from Auto-Graphics

March 5th 2021

*A correction and some more information:*   *The URL/domain to allow would be: ** *The correction is there is no @ sign. The * acts as a wildcard to allow for different URLs coming from this domain.*   It could also help to add the following to your exception lists: *   We have found that every anti-virus, firewall or internet security program may differ. Please consult with your I.T. department for these types of changes. And as always, feel free to reach out to the A-G h ...Continue Reading

JerseyCat Searching Issue

March 5th 2021

I am passing on the message from Auto-Graphics, our JerseyCat vendor. As stated, please direct any questions to them. Please do not reply to this list.   Thanks   Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 609-278-2640  x114   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Our Valued SHAREit Customers,   We have recently learned that some customers have been experiencing increased slowness while searching in the sys ...Continue Reading

Union List Update

March 3rd 2021

I have been informed that the link for updating union list holdingss a dead link. I have contacted Auto-Graphics and asked for a working link. When I get that I will post to the list. Please hold off any update attempts until I get that working link. Sorry for the glitch.   And, please, for any communications about JerseyCat, email me directly. *Please do not reply to the list. * * *   Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 609-278-2640  x114   * * ...Continue Reading

2 Reminders

March 3rd 2021

*First – If you haven’t added the latest version of your preferred lender list, please do so. Instructions follow:*   JerseyCat  has new Preferred Lender lists. There are now 22 lists, one for each county with the exception of Bergen, which has two.    These lists are ordered by geographical proximity, type and size of potential lender (public, academic, school, and special), and lending history of these libraries. Implementing the new lists will result in faster turnaround times and improved fill r ...Continue Reading

JerseyCat log in fix

February 8th 2021

To libraries who haven’t been able to log on to JerseyCat today – try the following URL:   Replace the XXXX  and the end of the address with your library’s three or four letter JerseyCat code.  (Not your delivery number!)   Enter this manually the first time. After that you can bookmark it. Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 609-278-2640  x114 ...Continue Reading

Problems logging on to JerseyCat.

February 8th 2021

Libraries are reporting they can’t get on to JerseyCat. The system is directing logon URL’s to non-working sites at Auto-Graphics. I have contacted them and will update when they respond or fix. Casey Confoy JerseyCat – NJSL cconfoy@PROTECTED 609-278-2640  x114 ...Continue Reading

FW: JerseyCat lender lists - Update 2/21

February 1st 2021

*Since the introduction of the new lender lists in September of last year there have been some additions, deletions, and corrections. So, even if you moved to the new lists in September, please follow the instructions below and enter the relevant updated list to your library’s preferred lender list.   *   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JerseyCat  has new Preferred ...Continue Reading
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