Library visits

From: "Casey Confoy p.p. JerseyCat" <jerseycat@PROTECTED>
Subject: Library visits
Date: March 22nd 2017

The JerseyCat staff at the State Library is committed to ensuring that our member libraries are getting most out of the JerseyCat interlibrary loan system. To that end, I will be visiting NJ libraries this spring to observe how they are using the system, seeing what works (or what doesn't work) on a day-to-day basis. I will also be soliciting comments about any improvements or changes that users think should be made to the system.

I can also do training sessions for any libraries who request.   

If you would like me to visit your library, or if you just have a quick comment or observation, please get in touch with me at cconfoy@PROTECTED. Please reply to my email, not to the list.


Casey Confoy
New Jersey State Library


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