FW: JerseyCat default settings

From: "Casey Confoy p.p. JerseyCat" <jerseycat@PROTECTED>
Subject: FW: JerseyCat default settings
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Date: March 25th 2021


In your library’s Participant Record the first section is called Lender Information. Under that are Days to Respond, Days to Supply and Days to Return. The settings for these should be:


Days to Respond – 4

Days to Supply – 10

Days to Return – 30


I have seen a fair number of libraries who have different values in these slots. Please check your Participant Record  - if you do not have  4, 10, 30 entered as the defaults, please change what you have back to the default settings.





Casey Confoy

JerseyCat – NJSL


609-278-2640  x114





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