Two JerseyCat Updates

From: "Casey Confoy p.p. JerseyCat" <jerseycat@PROTECTED>
Subject: Two JerseyCat Updates
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Date: April 21st 2021


This is the correct information for sending/updating your MARC records in JerseyCat:


To send your whole library collection (in MARC format) to be included in JerseyCat:

Copy and paste the URL below onto a browser, hit enter then type the supplied password. Drag and drop your file on the resulting window. 

The A-G cloud URL is: 

The password is: njsl4ag 

If you have questions the please contact Ramiro Castillo at rcr@PROTECTED


2.   We have had additions and updates to the preferred lender lists. Please update your lender list by following the instructions below:

Login to your library’s admin account.* From the Staff Dashboard screen select the ILL Admin tab. From the dropdown, select Participant Record. Scroll down slightly – you will see a box that says Preferred Lender List. Delete the library codes you see there.


Then go to this link:


From there select the link for your county. You will see a long (8 page) single file list of library codes. Copy and paste the codes into your Preferred Lender list box. Just copy the actual codes, not the county name. Hit Submit to lock in the change.


Some libraries had OCLC lender codes added at the end of their NJ library codes in the list. This is being discontinued. If you still want the option of getting loans from out of state libraries make sure NJAC is entered in the Primary Default Lender box (3rd option below Preferred Lender List box). This will be a more efficient method of getting out of state loans.


*If you haven’t used your admin account you can get there by using a default password. Go to the JerseyCat login screen. Select your library. Then in both dropdowns (library code and password) enter your library code and admin in this format – e.g. if library code is abc, then abcadmin goes in both dropdowns.


Direct questions about MARC records to Ramiro Castillo (email as above)

Direct questions about any other JerseyCat issues to Casey Confoy (email as below)

Please do not direct any questions to the listserv.



Casey Confoy

JerseyCat – NJSL


609-278-2640  x114







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